Welcome to EFF Sports, Home of the Champions. We take the workout out of taking notes, organizing workouts and much more. Its time to store your workouts and manage your classes by providing a customized workout regiment. 

Established in 2009 EFF Sports offers "hands on” care and personalized programs that range from fitness to rehabilitation. We welcome you to visit our online Workout Center that is designed to help you start achieving your most optimal fitness goals. We look forward to working with you! Our Certified Representatives are highly credited professionals with a passion for quality human care that results in superior outcomes for our clients. We are flexible and offer extended hours to accommodate our working patients. We proudly serve the community, supporting education and our difference is we offer certified health awareness programs. 

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  • Custom workout routine 
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  • Edit your custom workouts
  • Manage your clients portfolio
  • Work with Disabled clients
  • Access our userfriendly app
  • Manage your trainers workouts
  • Create bootcamp workouts
  • Sports rehabilitation support

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