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EFF Sports would like you to vote and tell us who your favorite athlete is for 2014. EFF Sports holds recognition ceremonies that honors the athletes who focus on sports and education. Vote and we may come to your school to recognize the athletes that strive to be leaders.


EFF Sports recognizes athletes in the committee because we understand how hard it is to accomplish long and short term goals. EFF Sports has put together a comprehensive program that focuses on education and community enrichment. If you know someone that is actively involved in any sport, we would like you to vote for them and send us in email so we can possibly recognize him or her. EFF Sports is well known for its comprehensive programs, workout generator and the workout center. If you are a coach or a school, we encourage you to contact us and enroll into our recognition program. EFF Sports is a nonprofit organization and our mission is to sponsor men, women and children to advance research education and self-development. EFF Sports recognizes it is important to grow dreams. When you enroll someone into EFF Sports Recognition program it enables that person to receive a scholarship from EFF Sports in November.